Pointer internals reinvented: Go

I have finally started dabbling with Go to the point where I’m fairly close to taking my first project live in a heavy duty production environment. The first post on the language happens to be on the language internals i.e. something that is not visible to the programmers for the most part. The C programming language was when I was first introduced to pointers and the concept there was fairly.. Read More

“Server side” languages in 2012

Yes, 2013 just began but this post is about my views on programming languages that I have reasonable amounts of professional experience in. This post was inspired by what one of my former colleagues had to say on couple of days ago. Note that it is not meant to be a rebuttal, it just happens to be the tipping point that got me writing. I come from a very varies lineage:.. Read More

Type safety & SLoC

I believe that SLoC is inversely proportional to code maintenance costs. There are situations where bad code needs more lines of code than good code. The argument for reduced SLoC is trivial in this case. Interestingly, the same holds true in situations wherein good code needs more SLoC than bad code. The need for an increased SLoC to keep things nice & clean suggests that trying to “maintain” this requires.. Read More